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For bats. Not for profit.
New Mexico, Estados Unidos
Hello. Welcome to fightwns, a 501(c)(3) advocacy initiative that celebrates North American bats as beautiful and essential components of our ecosystem and financially supports white-nose syndrome and Pseudogymnoascus destructans research via the 'Microgrants for Microbats' program. White-nose syndrome affects cave hibernating bats throughout eastern North America and adjacent Canada. Since its discovery, this emerging infectious disease has spread rapidly across eastern North America, causing mass mortalities and threatening regional extinction of formerly common species. White-nose syndrome has the distinction of being “the most devastating disease ever reported for wildlife in North America," and every winter signifies the death of countless bats. Bats are incredibly unique and endlessly fascinating mammals. They are essential to our ecosystems and provide considerable ecological and economic value as insectivores, seed dispersers, and pollinators, but we’re losing them at a staggering rate. Bats need our help, now more than ever, and the fight against white-nose syndrome is time-sensitive. We have already lost so many; help us alter the course of this devastating disease and with it, the fate of millions of bats. Shop online @ and Donate today @ Discover more about bats and white-nose syndrome @ Join the fight @ and
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