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All profits will be used strictly for Foundation-related expenses
Little Rock, Arkansas
This store was created to help raise funds for the Fed is Best Foundation. We have a few goals that we would like to achieve some of which include but aren't limited to: - disseminating our evidence-based infant feeding protocol to parents and parents-to-be; - To produce online evidence-based infant feeding courses for parents and parents-to-be on both breastfeeding and formula-feeding, with input from our experienced team of lactation and nursing professionals, physicians, and infant nutrition experts (unlike any feeding courses you've seen before!). Our breastfeeding course will include important information on how to safely breastfeed, risk factors and warning signs, and when to get help. - To produce and disseminate evidence-based infant feeding materials and education programs for health professionals and hospital systems. To help us with these goals (which cost money to achieve) we have created this store. Join in on the movement that's changing the way people view infant feeding and education!
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