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T-shirts, gifts and more, Personalized for the dog lover
Hot Dusty Desert, United States
♥K9-Korner (FavoriteDogBreeds) features clothing, gifts, accessories, home decor and more for the dog lover. It doesn't matter whether your pup is a mutt, purebred or mix, a rescued or shelter pet, K9-Korner has designs just for you. K9-Korner features dog themed t-shirts, mugs, customized and personalized gifts for dog lovers, dog lover home decor, bath and kitchen items, doggie themed holiday fare and much more. You will find artwork of Beagles, Pugs, Chihuahuas, Boston Terriers and other purebred dog breeds and mixes. We feature template products so you can create your own unique dog decor, apparel, gifts and more. I create my own dog designs featuring my own artwork and graphics and also images I have purchased, along with public domain images as well. Some of my puppy dog designs start out as a pencil and paper sketch that is scanned into digital format. Some dog art starts as digital drawings in Photoshop or Illustrator. All design finishes on the computer for upload here. I fully enjoy the creative process and am working on improving skills through continued practice. Some artwork contained in our designs is by All images are copyright protected; all rights reserved.
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