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Faerie Glen
Spread your wings and let the fairy in you fly!
Kensington, Ca
I am a strong lover of the fantasy genre, and I find the realm of the fae folk a fascinating world that can be invented and reinvented for various purposes, be it secret sub-worlds within reality, worlds that are created from the remains of reality after humanity has lost any relevance. The fae themselves are also interesting characters. Depending on how they are portrayed, they can act as guides and guardians to those who are heroic and pure of heart. They can also be malicious and violent in the form of simple tricksters, to just straight up ill intention for whatever reason. In this gallery, you will find various products dedicated not only to faeries but to Elves, Dragons, Wizards, and many other fantasy creatures. Let your imagination run free as you invite the fair folk into your home and your lives, and may they place a blessing upon you and yours.
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