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AI: Astronomical Imagery
Hi-Res photos of planets, stars, nebulae, and galaxies
Estados Unidos
I've always had a love of astronomy and I've tried to put together a store that delivers the highest quality images of some of my favorite views in the universe. If you're interested in posters and prints of the clearest views there are of celestial objects, this is the place to look. I don't really like a lot of extraneous text on the prints themselves explaining what they are because I think it detracts from the astounding beauty of what is being depicted. It's also much more enlightening to learn about what you're seeing and be able to teach others with full visual detail. You'll probably also notice that I've bought probably half of my own posters, that's because most of the reason I put them together in the first place is because I enjoy them enough to want them on my own wall. I try to include at least a fair bit of information in the description of the prints so that buyers know what they're looking at and have a base from which to continue research. I hope not only to show the beauty of the universe in which we reside, but also to teach a little about the things even the brightest minds are still trying to investigate and inspire others to join in the endeavor.
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