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Dream, imagine, create, repeat
Lakewood, CO, Estados Unidos
My name is Matt McGuire. I'm from Lakewood, CO born and raised. I've always enjoyed art and began drawing at a young age. It's mainly been a hobby for me, or way to relieve stress and negative emotions. Recently my friends in the Denver band Rocket Surgeons (formerly known as Filthy T) asked me to do their album art, so I did, and that process really sparked my interest in pursuing art professionally. Currently I am a 4th grade teacher, so it's nice to have summers off so I can focus on developing my art further. I love seeing my students' artwork too and encouraging their passion and talents. I mainly work with pens and markers (Copic and Prismacolor), but I would like to start experimenting with paints so I can create larger pieces more easily. I'm influenced and inspired by elements in nature, music, books, dreams, space, and all the amazing work other artists make. I like to use lots of color, especially bright colors, because I find them more interesting and engaging. Someday I hope to illustrate my own children's book. Thanks for checking me out!
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Matt McGuire