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I created over 150 different custom stamp designs in several countries
VA, United States
I have created, with Zazzle and other providers, over 150 different designs of personalized stamps, from several countries, of which I have actually bought, generally in sheets of 20 stamps each, (and sometimes personally re-sold) personalized stamps in over 50 different designs. Some of those 50 were available for sale only to me, since I have only uploaded them to my Private Gallery at Or, I have used providers with NO gallery to sell MY stamp designs to the public, such as,,,, Additionally, some of my other designs at Zazzle, the other 100 or so, were materialized by other people when they ordered them from my Public Gallery at If you want to explore ideas about what YOU, too, can create, please visit (you don’t have to buy anything) my Public Gallery, the Postage section, at Zazzle:*/gifts?cg=196687342138137670 For search engines consideration, I have put in the title both the American English version (“personalized”) and the British English version (“personalised”). In English, “stamp” may also mean “postmark”, “cancel”, “rubber stamp” – but I use “stamp” for “postage stamp”, and “postmark” for “the cancel applied with a postmarking device”. What is a personalized stamp? It’s a stamp that is customized, to some degree, and it’s valid for postage. Read the Wikipedia definition here: Not to be confused with a fantasy stamp, that is NOT valid for postage. Synonyms for a fantasy stamp are: “cinderellas”, “artistamps”, “fantasy local post” stamps (as opposed to some stamps of real local posts , that WERE valid for postage; for example, the Zemstvo stamps), etc. So, since they ARE valid for postage (“postal use”), the personalized stamps are a special kind of legitimate stamps. They are legal, therefore accepted for official use by the postal administrations. Terminology is important here,
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