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Atlanta, Georgia, Estados Unidos
I once read that you should find what you love to do and then find a way to make a living doing it. I found graphic design, or rather it found me, in college and I fell in love. I had a full-time job with a large government organization where I was able to grow professionally and finesse my skills. After having my first son, I launched my own design business in an effort to be able to work from home one day. After seven years working full-time and three years of that running my own business as well (and having my second son in between), my dream of working from home and owning my own business has become a reality. I appreciate Zazzle for welcoming designers from every background to join their team, and I look forward to providing excellent customer service to all of my clients! All designs are unique and are copyright of DeReimer DeSign.
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Abby DeReimer