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Fargo, ND
Delynn Addams Designs provide a wide variety of items in a world of colors. My item sizes at Zazzle are 5x T-shirts which are shown on a male model but are I change the design to female attire with a feminine motif. &*(Product sizes change so please be mindful also of changing colors which change by size. Zazzle also has item which go out of stock from time to time.) The Zazzle Flip Flops double as "Shower Shoes" for camping or away from home vacation in motels, hotels and Inns. Ensembles: 6x Shirts color coordinate with Leggings and shoes. Please save a link to come back. Search online for Delynn Addams Designs. All copyrights reserved. Do not copy any of my designs. Thanks.
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Delynn Addams
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