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Art for the everyday -- to use, to wear, to share
San Luis Obispo, CA
Look around, do you see it? Art is everywhere. No, it doesn’t have to be stuffy, it doesn’t have to hang in a museum or art gallery — it is something that we can use each and every day to express ourselves. It can be enjoyed. It can be worn. It can be shared. Hi, I’m Deb Jeffrey, an artist, illustrator and pattern designer. I make art to be used in the everyday — on your cell phone case, your shower curtain, your planner, the fabric made into the outfit you’re wearing, your kitchen towels, your party decorations…yes, all of the “things” that we use to express our personalities and likes. So please take a look around, and see how your life can be made a little brighter, a little more personal with art for the everyday.
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Deb Jeffrey