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Cyndi's Gift Shop
Gifts of Inspiration for All Occasions
Philadelphia, Pa
Cyndi's Gift Shop is an expression of my heart. My store houses a collection of unique and specialized gifts including wall art, heart art and art work to transform hearts and homes. Cyndi's Gift Shop has a large portfolio of Christian designs, prints and artwork that promises to uplift and inspire women, children and families everywhere! With spirit warming hues of rich royal purples, beautiful blues and radiant reds, Cyndi's Gift Shop is the perfect place to shop. Here you'll find an abundance of amazing gifts for every one in the family. Radiant, vibrant and truly life changing, my faith-based gifts make perfect gift for that very special someone in your heart! Cyndi's Gift Shop blankets a large variety of gifts from buttons, key chains, coffee mugs, tee shirts, mouse pads and more. My light work designs make perfect gifts for all occasions. With unique gifts for special causes such as Sickle Cell and Breast Cancer Awareness, I'm sure you're bound to find exactly what you're looking for. Accompanied by heartwarming poems, Cyndi's Gift Shop has a wonderful collection of beautiful and authentic gifts. Cyndi's Gift Shop creates and designs gifts for those "love" occasions; Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Graduation, Academic Achievement and more. I also have designed a beautiful portfolio of personalized keepsake treasures for girls and boys because I believe that gifts gifted from the heart are keepsakes one should always cherish. Cyndi's Gift Shop is proud to carry keepsakes for special causes and awareness for breast cancer and sickle cell anemia that can be gifted to brighten and lift up spirits of breast cancer patients and survivors. Whether you’re looking for a touch of inspiration, light to brighten someone’s day, a smile for a child, or warmth to decorate your home, Cyndi's Gift Shop has a spectacular collection of light work designs to transform your heart and home and please know that I have created it exclusively for you.
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