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This is a bit of a very small display case for my main store where you will find a fabulous variety of popular products I am honored to say have gone to homes and businesses worldwide for the past ten years since I first found Zazzle to customize a gift for my parents. Since that time, I have become heavily invested in creating products for my Zazzle Stores (and still continue to come here for friends and family also). I opened my Cancer Awareness Store a while back as I designed products for friends and a few large events. Little did I know at the time how it would also affect my life. From Melanoma, Colon Cancer, Breast Cancer to Lung Cancer, it did attack my loved ones who went through it all, and please gain strength in knowing that as rough as it was, they went on to live many wonderful years. Please know also my heart is with you. I keep my earnings at 14% normally, but lower for my Cancer Awareness Products as a small way of hopefully helping, so this is not a store for profit by any means for me. I just want to do what I can for you. I do research art images for your products daily and do pay the Extended License Fees ranging from $30.00 - $100.00 ($200.00 a few times) to legally use the images. Please pop on over to my sharonrhea store (and my ornaments_only:*) and visit often. Check out my Collections also. You are always welcome and appreciated. Thank you, Sharon Rhea Ford. Use the asterisk please:* ... Be strong. God Bless You. God Bless Us All. You are in my prayers ... and all prayers are appreciated ...
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