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On the 'Cut'!, UK
Hi, my name is Jennifer, and I'm a British Inland Waterways enthusiast! I love the whole gambit of what makes up life on the fascinating inland waterways of the UK. It's nature, architecture, engineering, its history... in fact it is a whole wealth of extremes, peace, activity, and expertise... I can go on, as the subject of Britain's waterways is such a huge and riveting subject. My other love; is designing useful, yet beautiful products that compliment completely my love of the "cut". (The 'Cut' is a UK slang word for a canal - it's a term of endearment - it needs no explanation!) Being a 'grateful' Zazzle designer; helps me introduce the beautiful and wonderful world of life aboard the UK inland waterways. You can see more Zazzle's products on
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Jennifer Massey
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