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This store exists not to be a monetary vehicle, but rather as a means to propagate rationality and critical thinking. The reason I created this store is that as a child of 8 or 9, I found that the things I was taught on Sundays and in church did not coincide with what I could draw conclusively from the world. I thought I was the only person alive who had found the holes in the permeating worldview and couldn't understand why everyone else didn't see what was to me, so obvious. And as a child, it was rather terrifying. I felt as though I were the only sane person in a world of madmen. I was an atheist before I even knew there was a word for such a person. I often think that if I had seen just a few examples of rationalist or skeptic materials as a child, my early life would have been much less painful and lonely. I can only imagine how elated I would have been. It is my sincerest hope that a child much like myself will someday come into contact with one of my designs and instantly know that he or she isn't so alone after all. That there are rational, thinking people out there, and that there is nothing wrong or wicked about knowing.
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