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If if flows from your inside, you can show it off on your outside.
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Having fun with body fluids, blood and urine can be better looking than you think. The BodyFluidsShop materials are great for anyone working in a hospital or doctor's office and especially fun for those working with kids. Once your co-workers or party guest figure out what's on your garment, mug or phone cover they'll say how neat it its, how they've never seen "that" before and ask where you purchased it.... You'll have to decide to share the details or not! As this store is for my entertainment and the entertainment of others, let's do some good. Every product sold featuring a cancer related theme has the net profit, what Zazzle considers "Royalty" donated to www.Cancer.Org. This is the American Cancer Society's website for accepting online donations. You can help us all to do our part to help create a few more birthdays! Thank you for your support. Enjoy, the fun products regardless of what you choose to purchase. The graphic quality is quite nice and most are amazingly easy to wear with your existing wardrobe. Surely be hard to find another item just like it at your office or work party!
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