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Blue Jay Bay
Science + Art + Design + Fun + Funky
Springfield, Virginia, Estados Unidos
I am a nature-loving Scientist-Artist hybrid. I love to document life and paint with watercolors. I worked for many years as an ecologist and cartographer, and have been an avid photographer since childhood. I explore my artistic side with the analytical mind of a scientist and the creative heart of a naturalist. My paintings are fun and vibrant celebrations of the subject matter, appealing to nature lovers, travelers, happiness seekers, and gift givers. I am inspired by the amazing brilliance of the natural world, and am drawn to hues of blue and green. I approach geography as an artistic expression, and love to paint the gentle curves and bold lines of cars and trucks. My interests include photography, map design, illustration, Volkswagens, fun and adventure, and of course watercolors. I am a bird watcher and enjoy nature and landscape photography; I often use these inspirations in my artwork. This Zazzle shop features some of my unique artwork on apparel and other fun products. I sell fine art prints and personalized, original watercolor paintings on Etsy. For more information about my art and design projects, visit
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