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Bemmies Bazzar
Colourful and fun creations from Bedminster, Bristol.
Bristol, United Kingdom
Glorious day dreams and quite obsessions. Bemmie’s Bazaar is Robin and Emma-Jane Richards. He loves ice cream, Batman, maps and walks in the rain. She loves The Muppets, brass bands and beach combing. Together they inhabit a little old Victorian house on a long long long street just of a beautiful park in Bedminster, South Bristol, UK, where they love living. Adopting the nickname of Bedminster as a gesture of love and in celebration of its energy, we cheekily have labeled our creations under the grand name of “Bemmie” - but that was taken on Zazzle so this is it’s Bazaar ;) We both have had a passion to be creative since we were painting by numbers. Who knows where ideas start but when inspiration strikes we try our hardest to bring those glorious day dreams and quite obsessions to life. Thanks for stopping by :)
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