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UK, United Kingdom
I was born in the Uk and moved to South Africa age 18 month as my father was offered a job there. We lived We lived in the suburbs of this beautiful country until I was 7 1/2 years old. Our back garden was like the bush, I felt like the Jungle book boy character Mowgli I hardly worn shoes and loved the freedom of wondering barefoot and being close to nature and wildlife. It's was wild and open just like my amazing experiences, it was normal to encounter to snakes, chameleons and other wonderful wildlife. I learnt from Zulu's that the huge flying ants wings tasted just like butter! This experience in my younger years helped make me the person, dad and artist I am today, living in this concrete jungle back in the UK. Because Digital illustration wildlife art designed by because featuring a elephant protecting a boy from the rain with an umbrella. ©becauseArt 2017
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