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Saginaw, Michigan
As I began to approach retirement after 50 years of work with looking forward only to Social Security and no pension, I began to think about what I would do. I had a love of photography and opened my first store selling photos. Then, all the young girls I worked with were getting married or having babies. I designed things on Zazzle for their showers which made things very special and personal for them. I loved to see the smiles on their faces. It then led to a hobby and now a small business. One thing just led to another. There are wonderful designers out there who allow commercial use of their graphic designs. I would like to thank and acknowledge JWIllistrations, Devine Digital Divas, PrettyLittle Fancies, Urban Willow, Cheryl Seslar, AMB Illustrations, Simply Sumara, A. Sellers and others.
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Janet Saintonge
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