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Ayasha Art Creations
Explore Native Culture
Chase, Michigan, Estados Unidos
Since I was a young child I have been involved in arts. My grandmother was passionate about art and the things she creative. She introduced ideas and creativity, as my cognitive skills matured which help to develop eye-hand coordination. Introduction to art enabled me to learn to think creatively, with an open mind. Art brought me into a world of escape from reality. In the world of art, I can express my feelings without words. As I am growing older, I am finding words less useful in life, while, images are significantly more important. Art has helped me express my experiences, teachings, and thoughts about my culture as a Native American as well as other cultures. Art has been the voice I can speak for the cultures in which we silenced and still may be. After going through trauma at an early age, I had also discovered art to be a form of therapy for me. “In the case of children who have experienced early relational trauma, the allegory is applicable as well. Because right hemisphere brain development relies on relational experiences, maltreatment during infancy results in diminished right hemispheric structure, Shore, A. (2014). I have grown to be a Fine Artist, who specializes in Native American arts. Although, this is my specialty I am also a Commissioned Fine Artist, who is willing to paint what my clients desire because art is a relic that stands the test of time and can last forever. I will continue to be a Fine Artist throughout my life. I have been accepted as the Academy of Art University out of San Francisco to obtain my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Drawing. Art is a form of expressing myself. It is freedom for the identity of myself. Art serves the purpose of being able to express me. My store is tailored around my creativity.
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Ayasha Loya
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