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Affirmations and Infinite Truth
Hulbert, Oklahoma, Estados Unidos
Be inspired, uplifted, and freed from worries and doubts that hold you back, and show the world who you ARE! These inspirational designs make great gifts of encouragement, love, hope, and PROMISE of goodness. Each message of love and affirmation is designed to remind you of the AweSome power of God, His Word, and His Spirit within. Designed to be read from any direction (upside down, in the mirror, ect! ) His Word is yours to behold. These inspirational designs are the words and passages that I focused on through nine months of treatments and surgeries, to get rid of two cancerous tumors of my breast. With this focus, I found Him everywhere, hints of His Glory, and His perfection reflected in all of His creations. I am a breast cancer survivor, and want to share with the world HOPE, Love and Peace. It started with faith: a knowing that the outcome of my illness was God's will, and that He would be victorious for His own Glory. As such, I recognized that it was my job to go where He sent me (to doctors), and do as told (follow the doctors' recommendations). It was not my battle. It was His. My duty was to trustfully, faithfully GO to battle, listen to Him, and watch the results. He is with you. Let Him work through you and be blessed as you bless those around you. Awe some today. Feel some awe, and awe others with your passion. --Carla Sadler
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