Seu Carrinho
Art and Things
North East, Pennsylvania
I am a 26 year old artist who has been immersed in art her entire life. I use art to relax and I think my work can help others relax as well. I am happily married to my high school sweetheart. I of course enjoy art, but I also enjoy reading and cooking. I do almost any kind of art I can attempt. I grew up painting with acrylics, and though that is my best painting style, I am getting into watercolors as well. I also enjoy drawing with colored pencil, pen and ink, and alcohol based markers. I enjoy creating landscapes, especially trees. I also love water, night scenes, and silhouettes. I also love animals, especially cats, and animals show up frequently in my art. That's why my art is from my heart. And always varied. I recently started painting more water scenes. No real reason, I just like painting water. Check out my gallery if you are curious about my work.
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