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Attic Salt
Attic salt (noun) meaning refined, incisive wit
Winnipeg, Manitoba
I am in love with vintage everything! Especially old paper, whether that be old photographs or old postcards or even old receipts! I've scoured the internet and my own personal vintage paper collection to bring these images new life on modern items! I typically leave the items untouched when I find or photograph them, so you may notice signs of wear on the design. This is not an error, but my intention to give my items that authentic old feel. I do not edit out creases in paper either and it makes for a very cool effect when placed on something like a pillow or phone. I've began experimenting with making digital collages and designs using old images, and I'm really enjoying the process. If you love antiques and vintage things, I hope you find something you like here. Thank you for visiting!
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