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Designs to Support Medical Research
Denver, CO
Aspen Roots Clothing and Designs is a shop designed to help those in need of medical assistance who do not have a diagnosis yet, but are working to get one. We've all had a bill where our reaction was "this is incredibly high!" By purchasing a shirt or product, you will be supporting those who need a diagnosis and furthering their treatment options while also getting cool loot out of it! Our first goal is to sell 45 T-shirts to go towards the medical bills of Siren Aspen, the creator and current sole proprietor of this company, however starting April 29th we will be looking for a new person or cause to help support for the summer, then again we will be looking to support another person or cause starting August 29th. If you have a person you feel needs our attention, please send us a link on our FaceBook to their information, whether it be patreon, GoFundMe, or any other help site.
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