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ArtistWriter's Outlet Shop
Previously Artist_Writer_2014 Photography & Mixed-Media Art Since 2014
Boothbay, ME, Estados Unidos
This store features the latest creations by mixed-media artist and photograher, Jenn Greenleaf. Her latest passions include photographing flowers, ocean views, dew drops, and cloudy skies throughout the Boothbay region. Jenn Greenleaf (1975-present) was born in Leominster, Massachusetts and raised through her toddler years in Westminster, Massachusetts to parents who are talented by their own rights (her mother is a crafter, as well as a self-made business-woman, and her father is a computer scientist). She has one sister, Sarah Brennick, who is eleven months older (they joke about being twins for one month annually), who is also incredibly talented (retired artist, imaginative role-player, and should-be writer…HINT.) and a beautiful sole. She and her family moved to Maine in 1978 and, despite trekking across the country from 1994-2000, she made her way back to Maine. Jenn has been a freelance writer since 1999, writing thousands of articles for the Internet and many in print. Since 1993, she has also been a commissioned artist and, from 2008 to 2016, a teaching artist. She and her husband, Chris, are raising three wonderful children (ages 16, 17, and 18 as of this writing), as well as four kitties and one puppy.
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