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Products featuring prints of original water colors and drawings.
Texas, United States
I am a native Texan. I have enjoyed art since I was a child, and noticed that creativity affords one solace, and an opportunity to express what one cannot always say with words. I am now an Intern in the field of Counseling, and have learned to use art as a tool to help people explore concepts of self, cope with problems, and emerge from introspection to face life with confidence. Art is similar to a butterfly in that it involves transformation, and allows people to work through struggles and emerge as something beautiful.
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Birdwing Butterfly on Iris
Blue Skies
Dancing Elephants
Iris Ring
Love Conquers Hate
Sunset Wings
Tropical Creation
Two-Tone Pastel Monarchs
Butterfly Garden
Dolphin Gaze
Madagascar Splash
Solar Rainbow
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Mark Morrow