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Hoping to make your life a little brighter.
United States
My store is a colorful kaleidoscope of eclectic styles and subjects, which pretty much reflects the way my ADD mind works. LOL. Each design relates to someone or something that has importance in my world, which gives the items a personal feel. Many of them have a bit of a quirky twist because--well--that's my life. It gives me a great deal of joy to be able to design these items for you. I hope you find something here which touches you or makes you laugh and which you want to bring into your life or the lives of those you love. Please feel free to tailor any item to your specific needs--the happier it makes you, the happier it makes me :>) . If you see a design you like, but it’s not on the product you want, please contact me and I'll make it for you! Similarly, if you want a design you don't see, contact me and I'll try to make your vision a reality. Have fun browsing!
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