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The art of angel photography
Cuijk, North Brabant, Holanda
Angel art and the art of angel photography. AngelPix© has become a reference in the domain of angel art and angel photography, creating visual poetry with a dreamy aristocracy and a spiritual subtext. With an instantly recognizable visual style the angel art collection of AngelPix© is inspired by ancient angel and folk pictography with an underlaying Hermetic symbology, translated into a true authentic temporarily imagery. To put it short, angel art with a touch of spirituality. About Angel Art Whether you believe in Angels or not, throughout the ages they have always been an inspiration for many artworks. Artists of all times portrayed their spiritual visions in paintings and sculptures. Regardless of what these entities are, and if they are real, in museums throughout the world you can find a great variety of priceless angelic masterpieces. AngelPix© likes to ad 'Photography' to this old tradition, with a new and temporarily Art Collection. Be inspired by the spiritual 'Hermetic Angels and Elves'©, a series of photographic artworks with a Hermetic layer of symbology. Hermetism sometimes referred to, as the ancient knowledge of wisdom. Please feel free to discover the hidden messages in the artworks and enjoy a modern day interpretation of an ancient spirituality. Why buy art? Life isn't complete unless it has a purpose or a meaning. In the same sense a room isn’t complete until it’s been accessorized and filled with things that mean something to its inhabitants, like for instance Art. Art can match, blend in, or stand out in an environment, to give a certain joy, pride or impact. Another purpose of art can be to express a more subtle statement or, to reflect one's soul. Join The Angel Family© by AngelPix©
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