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An Abstracted View
Abstract original paintings of humans, animals, landscapes & surprises
Phoenix, AZ
Welcome to my store! Please sit back, relax and enjoy the views. To see ALL content filter should be turned off. You will find Abstract paintings of landscapes, flowers and foliage, animals, human figures (distorted and nude). This is a composition of paintings of a number of years, I do not want to age myself, so I'll let you wonder how long. I paint to relax and for a creative outlet. Most paintings are hanging in my house and this is my attempt to see if anyone else in the whole wide world would find them interesting. Numerous are especially abstract- please view as a flash in time and the shapes and colors concoct a moments’ shadow. Images are from original paintings done in acrylic, oil, or mixed media. Some have been digitally changed for this format, or altered to be something anew. The art of creation is an intriguing pursuit. One begins with purpose to illustrate a particular subject or a thought in mind and ends up with an answer to a different question. If you would like a specific piece of merchandise with one of my images, please feel free to reach out to and I will try to accommodate. Thank you for taking a look and please come back again! New images to be added, like this page if you would like to receive updates. Please be kind and vote here: If you would like to view all images on this site, you will need to make sure that your Content Filter – (Towards the bottom in the left column) is turned OFF
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