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Amber Marine • Wildlife & Ocean Artist ••••• Wildlife Artist with a Saltwater Spirit
Treasure Coast, Florida
Hi, I'm Amber M. Rose, aka Amber Marine! ••• Drawing, painting, and learning about sea creatures has been my passion since I was a kid growing up in southern California. Dolphins and whales were my original muses, and my love for the sea has provided lifelong inspiration. I now live and paint my adventure on the Treasure Coast of Florida, which is a wonderland of aquatic life. ••• I am an independent and self-taught artist. All purchases help me along the road to achieving my dreams. My deepest thanks to each and every person who has supported my journey. ♥ ••• (Testing the waters here at Zazzle, to see a larger collection of my work check out! - I create new art of a threatened, vulnerable, or endangered marine species every month!☺)
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Art: Blackfin the Dolphin
Art: Eclipse Green Sea Turtle
Art: Goliath Grouper
Art: Great Hammerhead Shark
Art: Hawaiian Monk Seal
Art: Hawksbill Sea Turtle
Art: Indigo Lagoon Dolphin
Art: Lone Bluefin
Art: Maui's Magic
Art: Moonlit Green Sea Turtle
Art: Mossy Manatee
Art: North Atlantic Right Whale
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Amber Marine
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