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alma's design
persian carpet look ,Hungarian floral pattern ,photography ,abstract ,
Doha ,Qatar, Doha, Catar
I have so many ideas - and I hope that by the time I will be able to show more and more to my customers . I was born in a little town Tapolca, Hungary. It was in 1960's- a top of a baby boom wave – so there were always lots of kids around me –we used to draw a lot on the asphalt using the soft red stones which can be found in abundance around my hometown. On some rainy days my parents used to entertain us by slide show tales .I remember how much I was fascinated by the wonderful colors of those projected pictures .That was the era of the black and white TV .Besides wherever I looked – I saw beautiful mountains. In the centre of the town there was a lake - with an old water-mill. The underground caves were wonderful –and on its lake we were rowing with my father. I saw colors there- shades of blue that I have never seen anywhere else. I was surrounded by beauty and magic a great forest near us, a stream behind the blocks, a famous lake –Balaton- just a stone s throw from there. I had to leave my paradise when I was eight In our new home there were no mountains – no streams , no forest .,no underground caves with lakes . I felt very much lost- I became a dreamy child who escapes to her fantasy from the reality. I read a lot – and soon I started to write my own stories and drawing my own pictures. Many people had encouraged me- when it was about writing –but no praises for my drawings. As a result I wrote lots of articles read by millions of people – but I gave up painting for some fifteen years I did not draw or paint anything. When I started again it was for my interest in psychology – by the wish to understand better my inner self. It gave me so much joy that art became part of my daily routine. I love very much the Art- Nouveau style – and the famous Zsolnay - china designer family. I am also touched by another Hungarian artist Csontvary – and his painted visions. I have been living in Qatar for some five years now following my husband here .
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