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Alison Langridge Wildlife Art
Endeavouring to Capture the Power and Beauty of Wildlife
Hove, East Sussex
Welcome to my Zazzle store. I like to paint wildlife watercolor paintings. Animals in watercolor and flowers in watercolor are lovely to paint. I hope you like my butterflies and moths painted in artist quality paints to bring out their beautiful colors. My honey bee and dragonfly paintings are popular too. I also love to paint birds and owls in watercolor. I am a self-taught artist and just love to paint beautiful creatures when I feel inspired by nature.
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Barn Owl Watercolor Artwork
Chicken Hen Watercolour
Daffodils Watercolour Artwork
Emperor Hawk Moth Watercolour
Flamingo Bird Artwork
Ginger Cat Watercolour Artwork Print
Golden Eagle Artwork
Harvest Mouse Watercolour Artwork
Honey Bee Watercolour Artwork
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