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AfriCreations Originals Real Crochet Imagery
Unique Crocheted Designs by Delores Chamblin Printed on Products
Florida, Estados Unidos
All crocheted images on products in this store are photos of original creations by designer Delores Chamblin, the owner of AfriCreations and an award winning published self-taught designer who has been designing and crocheting for many years. Through the years I (Delores Chamblin) have created unique handmade wall hangings, hats, other accessories and more, including socially conscious and custom designs. Some of my unique creations were in museums and/or specialty stores in New York, Florida and Massachusetts at various times. Artistic, educational and cultural crocheted works I designed and created were also on a month long exhibit in the main showcase windows of a New York public library. In addition to other publications, my designs have been in Family Circle Fashions and Crafts magazine and I have written booklets published by Leisure Arts. One of my designs was chosen for a book by Vanna White (Vanna's Afghan and Crochet Favorites). I also created items and donated them to charity for emergencies, such as for natural disaster victims. You will find many interesting and useful products in this store. The photos on these products are very unique because the originals are all handmade, images show clear stitching, and the type of crochet I do and use for the products in this store is an advanced professional technique called tapestry crochet that is not common. As a professional fiber artist I create solid pictorial crochet (as opposed to common holey patterns). In addition to all the great products with crocheted images, you will also find many simply elegant and unique products with black, gold or other solid color that you can design and customize or buy as is. Enjoy your visit at AfriCreations Originals Real Crochet Imagery store! More info about designer Delores Chamblin can also be found at:
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