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Creating unique custom items for events and as gifts using special photographs is something I love to do. I designed the add your own photo products so that other people can enjoy my designs and create their own special items. Adding your own photograph to an item instantly turns it into a treasured keepsake rather than just a standard off the shelf purchase. If you have a special photograph that you would like to have printed on a product but can't find a design that you love, please send me a message, I will create exactly what you want at no extra charge! Adding a personal photograph to one of my predesigned, templates is very easy to do. Simply browse through this store and click on a product you would like to customise. When you are on the product page you can change the photo that is displayed and upload your own family or special occasion snap. If you would like to make your product even more personal, click the customise button. Once you do this you can change or remove all other elements of the design. If you have any difficulty, under the product page you will find a link that says "contact this designer" feel free to contact me and I will arrange your design exactly how you want it.
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