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Magickal Vision: The Art of Jolie E. Bonnette
Oddball art from a mad Pagan artist
Brick, NJ, Estados Unidos
I'm a Pagan artist/musician/writer from Houston, Texas metro area who now lives near the Jersey Shore. I've always made art or music of some kind, but it's only in recent years that I saw it as anything more than a hobby I did to maintain sanity. I enjoy making fantasy, sci-fi and horror art. My current focus is on digital art, both 3D and hand painting. This has allowed me to continue making and selling art. I don't do traditional media so much anymore due to neurological issues which make my hands twitch. Please note that I am moving designs which are created with purchased, vintage and/or public domain components to my new shop, Shiny Mad Graphics . So don't be alarmed if you suddenly don't see something you've purchased here previously. It may have just moved over there. ;-)
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