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Dabzo Studios
Abstract, Tribal, Digital Art & Graffiti
Victoria, BC
Hey there! I'm a life-long graphic-artist and especially enjoy creating graffiti & abstract art. I've been creating digital graphics for as long as I remember. Regarding this store and it's graphics: The "dabzo-project" began in 2004. Fresh out of highschool, I began creating art for t-shirts - many of which were never printed. After several years of perfecting my craft and coming up with new designs, I've decided to give this zazzle thing a try. Looking forward to hearing your feedback!
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Yin-Yang Zen Elements
SandMan Abstract Graffiti Moon Stencil
Chaos Sketch
Shotgun Drunk Teddybear
Zero-Day Graffiti Gunner Robot
Mystic Blades Intricate Abstract
Neon Tribal Graffiti Abstract ArtWork
Eye-Spyder Demon Abstract Tribal
Fractal Polarity Dark Abstract
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BadAss Accessories
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Adam McFadyen
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