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Accentuating the better angels of our nature...
Raleigh, North Carolina, Estados Unidos
Abraham Lincoln mentioned the "better angels of our nature" in his first inaugural address. A first century writer referred to the following virtues as “fruit of the spirit”: ♥ love ♥ joy ♥ peace ♥ patience ♥ kindness ♥ goodness ♥ faithfulness ♥ gentleness ♥ self-control. He concludes, “against such things there is no law.” There are other “better angels,” other “fruit of the spirit” that would likewise deserve the conclusion, “against such things there is no law.” Humility and hope come to mind. makes it easy for you to accentuate and highlight and draw attention to these better angels, these fruit of the spirit through clothing, smartphone cases, gift boxes, mugs and more. The influence of a childhood in Japan is obvious in the enso zen circle, the mon/kamon family crest ring and the Japanese characters or kanji used in each design. As a student in Japanese kindergarten and elementary school, I learned to write kanji in sumi brush script as well as pencil. So you'll appreciate why the kanji I design with is brush script. Any English characters included also look brushed. You'll find each design in red, white, blue, green, orange, purple, pink and black giving you the options needed to find your favorite. "522" from "" connects to Galatians 5:22~23 where Paul lists these virtues in the first century. One or more of the designs will help you shine a light on your favorite virtues.
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01 Japanese Kanji Symbol for Love
02 Japanese Kanji Symbol for Joy
03 Japanese Kanji Symbol for Peace
04 Japanese Kanji Symbol for Patience
05 Japanese Kanji Symbol for Kindness
06 Japanese Kanji Symbol for Goodness
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