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WHAT IS It’s a hub. A repository. An online shop. The Coolest Dollar Store. Full of hand-picked products which our team have found on their travels throughout the world. WHAT DO YOU MEAN ‘PRODUCTS YOU’VE FOUND’? We’re cool hunters. Design detectors. Curators of curios. We’re passionate about finding the most cutting edge innovations in design, tech, housewares, and gadgets; and bringing them here for you to enjoy. Well, to our HQ in Atlanta actually. But here is easier to visit. CURIOS? INNOVATION? YOU MEAN YOU SELL NOVELTY STUFF Wash out your mandibles. No. Everything you see in 1Clam is here because it’s brand new, exclusive, innovative, quirky, beautiful, different or simply makes us smile. If it’s not worthy of your money and attention, we won’t sell it. The world has enough landfill. WHAT MAKES YOU SO QUALIFIED? We have over 30 years of collective experience in global product sourcing, ecommerce, product development licensing and wholesale. Which in normal speak means we’re good at finding things, making things, buying things and selling things. WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME? It’s all for you! The 1Clam is a place for you to discover everything cool, quirky and cutting edge that’s happening in the world right now. So take a look around. Ask questions. Share your discoveries with your friends. The 1Clam only works when curious people start looking...
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